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Food Waste

Our chefs endeavour to use as much of each ingredient as possible in the kitchen to avoid food waste. Roots, stems, flowers, leaf, every part of a plant is important to us and using produce in its entirety pushes our chefs to be original and creative in the kitchen, often bringing up unexpectedly delicious results.

Any leftovers that are created are reused or recycled where possible in the kitchen. Sourdough scraps have been toasted and used as a shortbread, and as a base for making vinegars. Fish carcasses and mushroom scraps take six months to transform into umami-packed fermented sauces.

Our Farm is a carbon-sink for L’Enclume and Rogan & Co; all inedible food waste, cardboard and paper is shredded then composted at Our Farm.

This means we are able to lock the carbon into the soil rather than release it as a greenhouse gas. It also means we are building the soil structure and feeding the soil food-web, which in turn feeds our plants.

Our compost system is based on the “Johnson Su Bioreactor”. This is a passively-aerated, no-turn system meaning it requires low energy input, minimal water use, and gives a wealth of microbial life to feed the soil. We currently have ten of these “bioreactors” steaming away week in, week out.

When growing conditions are at their optimum, as with any farm, Our Farm grows more than what is required to harvest. Therefore, huge emphasis is spent on all types of preserving for times when growing conditions are not so favourable. Our winter larder contains ferments, pickles and preserves to be used at optimum times of the year in menu dishes.

It is not just plants that are handled with such care. Nothing is wasted on the slaughter of Our Farm animals. As with plants, our chefs aim to use as much of the animal as possible in creative ways in the kitchen. We have also created rooms and techniques for dry ageing and curing that ensure that literally every part of each animal is used.

We continue to work on ways to reduce food waste across all of our restaurants.

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