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One Step Closer to Zero Waste

It's been a long journey, but we are so proud to be close to the finish line.

We do everything possible to minimise waste in our kitchens, from pickling and preserving to using offcuts and leftovers. Despite this, there is still some wastage, such as animal bones used in stocks or sauces. So, to reduce our waste even more, we have recently installed three Ridan composters at Our Farm. These allow us to recycle all the food waste, including bones and dairy, from L'Enclume and produce excellent quality compost for our crops within 18 weeks. Over the coming months, we aim to expand the number of composters to compost the food waste from our other restaurants in The Lakes.

Unlike many others that use electricity, the composters are turned by hand, which helps us further reduce our carbon footprint and protect our natural resources. To aid the composting process and prevent further wastage, they also use spent wood chippings from the stables next door.

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