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A Michelin Green Star for Roganic Hong Kong

We are happy to announce that Roganic Hong Kong has joined L'Enclume in receiving a Michelin Green Star whilst also retaining its Michelin Star. It was the only restaurant to receive the accolade of sustainability in Hong Kong - which makes it feel extra special and stands for so much.

The Michelin Green Star recognises the time, hard work and effort that we have put into maintaining our ‘Farm to Fork' ethos and demonstrates that we are pioneers when it comes to sustainability. Please see below for some more information on our sustainability practices in Hong Kong.

1. Reduction of carbon footprint

Roganic Hong Kong has consistently stayed true to its dedication towards reducing carbon footprint. For example, using the latest technology from Evogro, micro-greens are grown in-house to be incorporated into dishes as garnish. At the bar, mixologists can also hand-pick the freshest herbs available to create cocktails. Key to Roganic’s commitment to sustainability is sourcing locally where possible, having forged strong relationships with local suppliers such as Zen organic Farm, Wah Kee Farm, and New Age Organics in the New Territories. Additionally, Roganic has done away with bottled water to replace them with Nordaq’s filtered water to save on carbon footprint, use of plastic, and costs.

2. Zero-waste philosophy

Roganic’s zero-waste philosophy stems from Simon’s “Farm to Fork” ethos, whereby the chefs will always endeavour to use the entirety of each ingredient – be it an animal or mineral – to avoid food waste. As much as possible, each ingredient is used to create components for dishes, whether as a sauce, oil, crumb, or seasoning. With Roganic’s in-house rooms and techniques for dry-ageing and curing, literally every part of each animal is used, with nothing left to waste. For example, Roganic’s signature Three-Yellow Chicken dish is the perfect embodiment of this philosophy. The chicken breast, chicken wing (stuffed with chicken leg meat), and chicken skin is served to guests as the main dish of the tasting menu. The chicken bones are reduced to a delicious jus, served alongside grilled corn pieces. The rest of the corn is turned into corn puree and corn tart. The corn husks are handed over to the bar team, who then grill the husks and brew them into a corn tea to pair with the dish as part of the soft drink pairing option.

3. Plastic reduction

In addition to reducing food waste, sustainability has been carefully considered across all operational aspects. The Roganic team have built strong relationships with suppliers to ensure packaging choices are as eco-friendly as possible. Packaging is also under strict guidelines at the restaurant, with eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging of Roganic’s ‘take-home meals’. Vegware carton boxes are used for the main ingredients and non-plastic and compostable containers for all the sauces.

Roganic continues to strive to innovate sustainable dining in Hong Kong, by upholding its key pillars for change, as well as hosting educational talks for students and local organizations to promote local awareness. A recent student tour was organized for Girl Scouts “Locavore Badge”, which involved hands-on growing and a talk on “The Ethos of Running a Sustainable F&B Business” with sharings from the Roganic team.