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Simon & Tom's Great British Christmas at Rogan & Co

We are very excited to announce that this December, Simon Rogan and Executive Chef Tom Barnes will be taking to the pass at Rogan & Co to cook their dishes from last year's Christmas series of Great British Menu.

From the 1st-13th December, guests at Rogan & Co will be able to try their Christmas-themed dishes in a six-course menu, including Tom's "Salmon Smoked Over Pine", which was served at the final banquet and Simon's "Essential Angels' Pie-ce Cream".


Shrimply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time

Tartlet of Dublin bay shrimp, roasted head mayo, preserved tomato and elderflower

Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire

Set chestnut custard, roasted chestnuts, hen of the wood mushrooms and mushroom dashi

Salmon Smoked Over Pine

Cured fillet of salmon, pickled Jerusalem artichoke, caviar and spruce kombucha

Bob Cratchit’s Christmas Lunch

Roasted breast of goose, confit leg, creamed potato, apple sauce, onions cooked in whey

Snowtorious S.T.P

Date, vanilla, caramel, brown butter, chocolate

Essential Angels’ Pie-ce Cream

Mince pie ice-cream cornet with white chocolate ganache

Tickets are £95 per person.

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