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Our Farm

Our Farm was built with a clear vision in mind: to develop a harmonic relationship between cooking and growing. It is located in the Cartmel Valley, not far from L’Enclume and Rogan & Co, where the rhythms of the seasons are at their most apparent.

Our 12 acre working farm operates 7 days a week and grows all year round. We keep a selection of livestock and we grow using biointensive, biodiverse and organic principles. Designed by chefs, for chefs, we are working towards Our Farm being a world leading natural and sustainable growing operation with taste and flavour at its core.

Our growers and chefs work side-by-side to select what we grow, when it is harvested and how it is prepared. Our aim is to grow near perfect produce in a natural and sustainable way. Our chefs and I then take each ingredient and treat it simply to highlight the natural taste, texture and fragrance. We grow many varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, young plants and shoots. Each variety is carefully chosen for maximum flavour and nutrient content. We study each plant at every stage of its growth, discovering new products from the simplest of plants. Over the seven years we have been operating Our Farm in Cartmel, we have made great improvements year on year, learning from our mistakes and pushing our successes. The size of the farm has tripled since we first started and now have chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep and cattle to produce a closed system where the animal waste is returned to the land.

Our farm supplies L’Enclume and Rogan and Co on a daily basis. Both Roganic and Aulis in London receive one delivery a week. All of our young shoots and plants are delivered living in trays so they’re as fresh as possible and still have the link with the earth.

Tours of Our Farm can be pre-arranged on request. Contact our team for more information.

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