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Our Packaging

We are committed to following ethical practices wherever possible, be that in the restaurants, on Our Farm or in the production and packaging of our 'at home' meals. So, we are delighted to guide you through our eco-friendly packaging and give you some tips on how best to recycle each item.

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Kraft brown food boxes 

Our carefully selected food boxes are made from sustainably sourced, renewable plant-based materials and are lined with a compostable grease-resistant lining. Because these boxes are mixed materials for food safety, they are only 100% compostable in a commercial environment. To do this, you will need to find a commercial compost facility near you. If this isn’t possible, these plant-based food boxes can go in your general waste. They will be incinerated, however because they are made from plants using renewable, lower carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials, fewer toxic gases will be produced and they will leave little residue. For more information on this
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Clear containers & pots 

Our plant starch (PLA) food containers are light but strong to protect your food as it makes its way to your kitchen. Made from a renewable plant-based material, these pots are sustainable and can be commercially composted. Like the brown food boxes, to do this, you will need to find a commercial compost facility near you or put in your general waste to be incinerated. For more information on this, please visit
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Food pouches 

Because these 100% BPA free food pouches are not only required to contain food but are also used to heat some of your food, unfortunately, they are non-recyclable. These nifty little pouches are made to the highest quality to ensure they can withstand the high temperatures of boiling, steaming and microwaving to give you the perfect results you require at home. We are working on alternatives so that all our packaging is fully recyclable. 
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Glass bottles 

All our glass bottles and aluminium capsules are entirely recyclable and can be placed in your glass and aluminium recycling. The plastic lids are also recyclable; however, please check your local recycling regulations as instructions may vary. 
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Kraft brown wine wraps, shredded packing & tape

These extra bits of protection are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. For ease, keep the brown tape on our boxes so they can also be recycled together and place everything in your card & paper recycling.
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Menus & wine tags

Our menus and wine tags are printed on 100% recycled cartridge paper and are fully recyclable and biodegradable in your card & paper recycling.

Packing peanuts

Made from GM-free starch, these light and odourless peanuts are fully biodegradable and will simply dissolve under running water without clogging up your pipes.
555g Thergis Gel pack
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Gel packs 

Multitude of ways

Our ice packs can be recycled in a multitude of ways, from re-using in your home, donating to local food banks or simply recycling them. We've made a few suggestions of how to recycle and re-use them below:


Wipe down and re-freeze the packs, ready to use in a picnic bag or on your next fishing trip.


Freecycle is a global grassroots and entirely non-profit movement that enables individuals to give and receive products for free. Its mission is to reduce waste, save resources and ease the burden on landfills whilst building stronger and larger communities. For more information, please visit freecycle.


Contact your local food bank as they may be able to put these to good use to keep food donations cool.


Another inventive way to re-use these packs is to line the bottom and sides of your freezer with them. This will help keep the temperature of your freezer more consistent.


These gel packs are filled with non-toxic water-based salt solution, so simply defrost, cut open the bag and pour the contents down the drain using hot tap water to help dissolve the gel. Recycle the plastic according to your local recycling regulations.


Woolcool fleece lining

We are very proud to use Woolcool fleece lining to keep your food insulated and protected as it makes its way from our kitchen to your home. The fleece lining is made from sheep's wool that has been washed, scoured, then sealed in recyclable micro-perforated polyethylene wrap. The wool itself is biodegradable and breaks down easily to release nutrients into the soil so you can add it to your home compost. You can also be creative when it comes to re-using the wool, follow #letsboxclever for lots of inspirational tips and tricks.

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Cardboard boxes

We have selected strong, reusable and recyclable cardboard postage boxes constructed to protect their contents on their journey to your door. Combined with the Woolcool fleece lining and gel packs, these boxes keep your food below 5c for at least 48 hours. Re-use your box to send a parcel, for storage or pop in your card and paper recycling.
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Kraft gift bags

Made from natural brown recycled paper, these bespoke bags are completely recyclable and can be placed in your card and paper recycling. As for the rope handles and ribbon ties, these can easily be removed and re-used.